Couplers Take a look at these!!!!!

Now availible are dog couplers. Tired of having too many leashes laying around or to hang on to while hunting or on walks? I have available chain dog couplers. 2 and three dog chain couplers availible. I can make them any length you would like. I have 6 inch and 12 inch made right now. They are very hand to have around. Very reasonably priced from 6 inch starting at $9 and the 12 inch is starting at $10. Price is also based on how many dogs you would like it to be for and the length. Plus shipping and handling.

This is the 6 inch being just over a foot in over all length starting at only $9!!!
This is the 2 dog 12 inch coupler starting at only $10!!!
The coupler at work


I also have various length and a few colors of leads. Pictured
here is one of the leads. It has a free floating ring for a quick
 tie out. Good for hunting or out on a walk. Need your dog tied up to something quickly? Wrap the free end around a
sturdy object and connect it to the free floating ring. It's
that simple. I can also put chain of any length on one end for
 dogs that like to chew on leads. Just let me know what you
 would like and I'll see what I can do for ya!!!!