This is the crew we got runnin' around right now

The brindle is my Male pit MoJo. The lil Blue is my female pit Cookie Monster she's gonna be a Big Momma. Frankfurt is living in altus now. Got a new house and now we have hawg dawgs. Just had a litter of pups out of a couple of my hawg dawgs. Cookie didn't take on her last heat. This time should work out. In the top on the top left is momma dog Tenny1/2 catahoula 1/2 Blackmouth cur, Then Eli a registared Kemmer Cur. Daisy is next. She is 1/4 Blackmouth 1/4 red bone 3/8 leopard 1/8 blue tick. Quite the mutt but she's good. Middle left to right is Doc hangin' out in his house as always. The new litter of 9 puppies 1/2 kemmer cur, 1/4 catahoula 1/4 blackmouth. Then the pick of the litter. Bottom row is 2nd pick. up close of the puppies on day 2.